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Tumor Immunology

Prof. Francesco Novelli (Principal Investigator)




Our group aims at the identification of new biomarkers for an early diagnosis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA) and novel therapeutic targets.
The development of the immunotherapeutic strategy is based on the vaccination with DNA that codes for molecules selected for their ability to induce a strong antibody and cellular reaction in pancreatic cancer patients. For this we focus on the analysis of the immune response in PDA patients and pre-clinical models.
Main goals of lab research are:
• Discovery of serological tumor bio-markers to improve early diagnosis;
• Identification of molecular targets to promote an antitumor immune response;
• Development of DNA vaccines, to create and implement clinical protocols for PDA immunotherapy;
• Chemotherapy-based treatments to elicit novel tumor associated antigens;
• Study of tumor microenvironment’s impact in PDA

AIRC 5xmille (2012-2019) “Innovative tools for early diagnosis and risk assessment of pancreatic cancer”

Italian Ministry of Health (Ricerca Finalizzata 2017-2020) “Pancreatic cancer therapy based on combination of DNA vaccination and PI3Kgamma inhibition”

PREVENT (TORPF-2016-E06, NCI, US) (2016-2020) “Cancer prevention by alpha-enolase vaccination”

AIRC Investigator Grant (2018-2022) “Combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy as new paradigm to cure pancreatic cancer”






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