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Metabolic Imaging & hyperpolarization


Altered metabolism is a general feature of diseased tissues, not only cancer, but also heart failure, stroke etc. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy are powerful diagnostic tools that allow the non-invasive detection and quantitation of metabolites in vivo and in cells. The main limit to the application of these methods are given by the low sensitivity of MR based spectroscopy. Hyperpolarization techniques lead to the enhancements of MR signals by orders of magnitude. Hyperpolarized pyruvate, obtained through an affordable and easy to handle approach named PHIP-SAH, is applied to the investigation of these metabolic changes. The research focuses also on the development of new derivatives of biologically relevant molecules, and on the optimization of the hyperpolarization procedure




  • The hyperpolarization group is a partner of the MSCA-ITN (Marie Slodowska Curie Action, Innovative Training Network) ZULF (Zero and Ultra Low Field)
  • The hyperpolarization group is a partner of the H2020 FETOPEN project AlternativesToGd
  • Website of the molecular imaging group






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