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Regenerative Medicine group


The lab has a strong interest on renal pathophysiology, on angiogenesis and on the mechanisms of renal damage and progression. We have extensive experience in studies of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine that include characterization of various stem cell types and their potential use for tissue regeneration. In the recent years, we are focusing on the role of extracellular vesicles and of their molecular cargo in regenerative medicine and as diagnostic tool. 

Main project

  • to evaluate the role of EVs from different sources on renal tissue regeneration, focusing on transfer of miRNA and proregenerative proteins as Klotho.
  • To evaluate the presence of urinary CD133+EVs as markers of renal function and regenerative potential
  • to define the role of stem cell EVs on renal cancer stem cells and tumor growth.
  • to characterize EV within amniotic fluid of normal and preeclamptic pregnancies, and to evaluate their angiomodulating activity.
  • To assess the possible therapeutic activity of artificial mitochondrial transfer in models of renal ischemia reperfusion injury.

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