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Molecular Oncology

Prof.ssa Chiara Ambrogio (Principal Investigator)





Cellular homeostasis is controlled by the RAS-MAPK pathway. This pathway is dysregulated in human diseases, especially cancer, in which more than 50% of cases carry aberrations that hyperactivate RAS-MAPK signaling. In this context, KRAS mutations are the most frequent oncogenic drivers. Therapeutic suppression of pathogenic KRAS-RAF-MAPK signaling to achieve disease control in cancer patients still represents a challenging target.

The research focus of our lab is to characterize in vitro and in vivo the “KRAS signalosome”, defined as the functional protein complex engaging KRAS and related effectors, modulators and adaptors at the cell membrane. In terms of translational impact, the understanding of detailed mechanisms regulating the formation of the KRAS signalosome at the membrane would be fundamental to discover new therapeutic strategies for KRAS-mutant cancer.


Prof.ssa Chiara Ambrogio (PI)

  • Dr. Enrico Patrucco: Senior Scientisc
  • Dr. Maximilian Kramer-Drauberg: postdoc
  • Dr. Ewa Berlinska: PhD student
  • Pietro Scaparone: tesista
  • Ilaria Piccolo: tesista





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